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Best security plugins for wordpress

Best security plugins for wordpress

I don’t know if you have found your perfect security plugin. I have some favorite WordPress plugins that I have tested and got my personal impressions for.

Security always comes first for all sorts of websites. Web site maker as well as website user always prefers security at first place.

Specially CMS like WordPress who always update their system to secure their server that will secure the data and website. For security now we have many plugins that are very popular and very  smart that can handle any sort security related challenges.

Here is my favorite security plugins:

iThemes Security – A great solution but if you use the payed version. It can clean your website if it’s already hacked but you can’t be absolutely sure it did the job perfectly, so keep that in mind.

IVGuard – This is a new option that has recently been published. It is actually really good. The IVGuad has fantastic backup and security options. It will warn you as soon as someone or something changes even a letter in your website files. This way you will be able to react instantly in case of hack attack.

All In One WP Security & Firewall – Another excellent solution if you need your website protected. It has some great features that will come handy.

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