internet business activities

How to carry out the process selected from each of the four business activities

A hotel or restaurant is using internet for its promotional activities which spread out its business. Target market capture, information about customer choice, direct interaction with customers, offers promotion, discount offers, gifts and other facilities are described in web site by using internet. Now, we will present 9 steps how a hotel or restaurant using internet in their promotion activities in the below:

Preparing own websites: website is one organization’s address; anyone can open a website just paying $5 per month with yearly registration fees. Organizations present their current offers in their website. Moreover, hotels and restaurant manage their online booking through their website.

SEO of website: search engine optimization is a method that helps to advance in the world of Google search. Including website name in many website directories. Review writing is one of most helpful to create a resourceful website. Organization may employ some professional for this task or sometimes third party IT firm to do this.

Apply pay per click advertising: online advertise is helping an organization to reach its goal. One can easily prepare daily advertising budget by using this method. Some pay per click advertising form is: sidebars ads, Google ads etc.

Put up multimedia content on Flicker and YouTube: Flicker helps to compile all photos of organization in organizations profile and create lint to organization’s website. Simple ads not work well but if an organization uploads its promotional ads in YouTube, large numbers of people are connecting this.

Participate in blogs and forums: Blogs is a platform sharing view and opinion on certain subject. Blog must be always updated by news, contents etc. blog not only increase the followers but also connect directly with customers.

Using email marketing: organization collect potential customer lists those are keep in touch regularly with an organization. Collect their e-mail id and send promotional offers, news, discount etc. with an attractive e-mail which encourage them to buy their product.

Connecting with social media: Facebook, Google+, twitter, Pinterest, linkedin are some social media. A hotels and restaurants must open an account in that better response from target groups, publishing promotional ads, connecting with large group of people etc.  

Press release: business always doing something which is newsworthy and don’t vacillate to publish it. Organization must have an option in their website for publishing current trends or news. Moreover, many website help to publish your press news such as: 24/7 release and PRLog etc.

Join online community and contribute: join online community and keep eye on posts of forums and try to help someone and solve problems which promote organization positively. Organization easily create a brand image on certain group (Wikihow, 2015).

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