Get rid of the habit from smartphone addiction

Get rid of the habit from smartphone addiction

Smartphone made our life very easy. We can say that it is not possible to spend daily life without smartphone. This is a reality for many of us. Many of them spend their whole time in it. This is how they get addicted. Now you can get rid of such addiction and pay attention to positive work. Here is couple of things you can try:

Are you really addicted in smartphone?

Do you know that many of us are addicted on smartphone? The most regrettable matter is, people spend time on watching on the smartphone’s screen without paying attention to the people who is present in front of him. We can say that many of us need psychological treatment. The following 5 conditions you can match with your day to day lifestyle whether you are addicted or not-

  1. Using smart phone while walking on the street.
  2. Using it in washroom.
  3. Depending on it in every situation or subject.
  4. Capturing every moment on it.
  5. Using it even on bed.

Use feature phone

If you are very much addicted in smartphone, then you can start to use feature phone instead of smartphone, using feature phone continuously for one week, you can get back to smartphone, in this way you can low down your addiction.

Turn off some notifications

Customize notifications of your smartphone. The lower is the notifications the lower is the use of your smartphone.

Reduce the time of using your smartphone

Less use your smartphone. Decide carefully how many times you are going to use it. First of all, decide that you won’t use your phone not more than 20 times in a day. Besides, let’s decide that you will not use it while eating and having conversation with people.

Turn off Facebook and twitter

Remove unnecessary apps. Facebook and twitter take most of the time. Try to uninstall these; there are many other apps that waste time. Removing those will save not only time but also battery and storage.

Turn off your phone before sleep

Many of us know that it is good to turn off the cellphone before sleep but we are not used to it. Think that there is no loss to turn off the phone at the time of sleep and then switch it off. You will have sound sleep if you get used to it.

Some apps might help you

There are couples of apps in Google store that can help you to lower the use of smartphone. AppDetox and Rescue times are couple of them. Download these apps and fix your time to use smartphone.

Use wrist watch

People are less using wrist watch for smartphones. They are using smart phone to watch time. Once entering in smartphone, people often watch notifications, facebook and twitter. Use manual alarm clock instead of app. Use old days’ instruments to avoid the addiction.

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