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Internet and e-business

Internet and e-business

E-business is the short form of electronic business. E-business operates its majority types of business operation through internet. In an e-business must have one thing from the following such as:

(a) electronic data interchange,
(b) e-commerce websites that offer sales dealings,
(c) extranets and supply chains,
(d) intranets and enterprise information portals, and
(e) customer service websites.

E-business largely depends on uninterruptable and speedy internet connection. According to Saehney and Zabin (2001), “The use of electronic networks and associated technologies to enable, improve, enhance, transform or invent a business process or business system to create superior value for current or potential customers.” Internet and e-business are two interrelated items in modern business.

There are various ways to use internet in e-business. Every sector’s organizations are willingly converting into e-business for operating their business activities in step-by-step process, ensuring business operations with reliability and security.

Understand how the internet operates and facilities available.

  • Prepare visual aids which could be used as part of the presentation that describe how the internet operates
  • Give eight examples of how the internet is used by selected contrasting business organizations (two to three organizations should be sufficient to provide enough examples).

Understand how the internet and related technology can be used for a range of business activities.

Be able to explain the trends in the use of e-business.

  • Outline the nature of business, its size, its products or services and its customers
  • Describe the competitive forces which are leading them to develop or update their use of e-business

Understand the key features of planning for the increased use of e-business at national, organizational and individual level.

  • Describe (using example) how the government plan for the growing use of e-business
  • Describe (using example) how the business organizations plan for the growing use of e-business
  • Describe (using example) how the individuals plan for the growing use of e-business

Hotels and restaurants is very popular business around the world specially UK. If they turned into e-business it’s helpful to customers to find out promotional offers, location and facilities. On the other hand, business reaches more potential customers to promote their business which increase their sales volumes. To create an e-business must follow some steps which provide them competitive advantage. Government, business organization, even individuals must outline a plan to grow e-business.

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