How the internet operates and facilities available

How the internet operates and facilities available

Hotels and restaurants are most significant sector in hospitality industry. The hospitality industry is big amount such as: billion dollar industry which depends on deposable income and availability of leisure time. Preparing a complete service of internet connectivity for hotel’s and restaurant’s public areas and guest rooms. Delivering wireless internet connection to customers with single or multiple devices and billing systems are conducted by hotel PMS infrastructure and it’s integrated with stand-alone or IPTV. Online room reservation and booking systems, proving customer frequently asked question through FAQ, preparing free hotel Wi-Fi hotspots, room tracking, showing hotels and restaurant location via Google map with street view in their web sites, 24/7 customer support via online etc. are the internet operations of   hotels and restaurants sector. To present a presentation how internet operates in hotels and restaurants business some material must be collected such as:

  • Selecting some hotels and restaurants for implementing internet infrastructure.
  • Preparing power point presentation by using some graphs and charts.
  • Collecting research data and selected some hotels and restaurants that installed internet infrastructure.
  • Evaluating performance such as: profitability, customer satisfaction etc in existing internet used hotels and restaurants.
  • Comparison between internet service used hotels and restaurants and without internet services used hotel by justifying some criteria (Dahan & Srinivasan, 2000).

Give eight examples of how the internet is used by selected contrasting business organizations (two to three organizations should be sufficient to provide enough examples)

Now a days, Hotels and restaurants are extensively used modern technology such as: internet. In UK most of hotels and restaurants are used internet service for their customers and guests. Different hotels and restaurants offer different internet services via their website or physically, here we selected three hotels and restaurants for contrasting. Now, we briefly described The great house restaurant and hotel, La Caverna Hotel & Italian Restaurant and The Pig hotels in the below:

The Great House restaurant and hotel: This hotel achieved TripAdvisor 2014 Certificate of Excellence, 2015 Editor’s Choice Award for Gourmet Hotels etc. this hotel has a dynamic and resourceful web site which would be helped a customer to booked rooms, calculate its room rate, offers, hotel view and environmental presentation, chart of dishes, using Google map to present their location in their web site. They also present in Google+ and promote their hotels. They provide their customer free high speed wifi for enjoying better internet services (The great house restaurant and hotel, 2015).

La Caverna Hotel & Italian Restaurant: it was established at Coventry Road (A45), South Birmingham, England in 1980. They are used junction 20 WiFi hot spot which is most fast and uninterruptable internet service provider in UK. Now, we will show some examples how this hotels use internet:

  • Online booking system via their web site
  • Online store will be added soon.
  • Directions are given in their web site by using Google map street view.
  • They solve any query of their customers via their web site.
  • Providing high speed WiFi internet services in their hotel premises.
  • Hotel employees are used various software by using internet (La Caverna Hotel & Italian Restaurant, 2015).

The Pig hotels: The pig is situated in New Forest and it’s known as walled garden. The rapidly or fast making dish directly from garden is a trademark of The Pig. It has 26 bedrooms with new style. “Home grown in every way”- this is its theme.  The pig use internet in their daily operations such as:

  • They recruit employees via internet by using their web site.
  • They show their business news in their web sites for internal and external users.
  • It is helped blogger, journalist to provide files and information about it because they want to write any article on it (The Pig, 2015).
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