Reduce the inherent risks to security and availability

Internet security in a business refers to fortification data from theft, unauthorized access or data loss, modification or use. Large organizations recruit full time data analyst or security experts to ensure network security. When an organization depends on internet technology, they must prepared or aware to deal with security issues. According to Rhee & M. Y. (2003), “The Internet represents an insecure channel for exchanging information leading to a high risk of intrusion or fraud, such as phishing.” There are various ways to reduce internet risks in a business, some are given below:

  1. Using wireless internet: using encrypted, password protected networks that are difficult to access of hackers. More concern to use of wireless internet networks when transferring confidential information, sensitive data or financial information. Using wireless N-security equipped router rather than wireless G- security equipped router.  
  2. Software updates: most of operating system company release usual updated of their programs such as: windows XP updates on windows 7. Software updated includes security patches that fix the problems and ensure the safety of a computer. So, most of computers of a business regularly updated and reboot because it ensure the proper installation process.
  3. Changing password: frequently changing and strong password ensure the internet security most of cases. When opening of an application or websites an organization must focus on its password which must be difficult to break or guess. Strong password combination of numeric numbers and upper and lower case characters.
  4. Website security: majority of business use some websites to present confidential data in online. On any website that business use to manage its business data, look for an “https” in the URL and a lock icon on the login page. When anyone can do anything online that must require data transmission, for example payroll disbursement or online banking.
  5. Attachments and links: most of computer in a business are affected by virus when anyone download infected files or click on malicious link which is present in web or e-mail. Prior to open an e-mail ling must be checked out files name and sender’s mail address, click on a link also same task to be followed.
  6. Intranet: intranet is one kind of VPN which helps to transfer data with confidence one computers to another. It is password protected and maintains a firewall to avoid unexpected access or data theft (Krutz & Vines, 2010).


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