How to secure your online accounts

How to secure your online accounts

People only think about the security of their account when their account are stolen. But priority should be given on the security of the important accounts like Facebook, Twitter and Gmail. Some easy steps can be taken to secure the presence on online.


Use login verification along with changing password regularly. After signing in to Twitter, go to settings from the drop down menu of profile icon. Then go to security and privacy settings. Ensure email ID in login verification. This process can be done by IOS and Android. Which apps and devices are joined with the account can be seen in Twitter setting page apps.


There is a way to have login verification and alert. There is also the advantage to setup trusted contacts. Which browsers and applications are attached with Facebook can be seen. On Facebook security setting, there is an important feature named ‘where you have logged in’. The feature link named ‘end activity’ is helpful if someone forgets to logout successfully. There is an option to check security on Facebook help page. Any old sign in incident can be stopped by only one click. Any suggestion regarding password can be found from this page.


WhatsApp’s end to end encryption is used to ensure the security in chatting on WhatsApp. An application is run by default, that is why the users even can’t read chat on WhatsApp. But when the phone is stolen or lost, all the account information can reach to fraud. They can capture money from known contact list of that account. To overcome this problem, use third party application to password lock your account.


You may probably don’t want that the whole World see your private pictures. For this, you can make private your Instagram account. This is how only those who follows you will only see your pictures. New users will need your permission. Besides, you can active manual photo tagging. The photo tagging option is on ‘photo of you’ on Instagram profile. Besides, remove unwanted applications from edit profile section.


Mail can be protected by Gmail 2 factor authentication. Google suggests to run this feature from account settings. Check account activity to see whether anyone else is entering into your account or not. ‘Last account activity’ can be checked on the right corner of inbox. The details of using Gmail can be seen here. If any suspicious activity is observed or the account shows open in other place, then click ‘sign out of all other web session’. Change the password. Like social networks, some applications and websites need Google account access. Close unwanted apps by clicking on the link ‘’ then security and then ‘connected sites and apps’.

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