Using these 25 passwords that can be hacked your ID

Password management organization “Splashdata” last year has published a list of the most common passwords.

In this list 25 was most popular password used last year. Researchers have prohibited the use these passwords.

The Splashdata researchers said they were researched with leaked 20 million passwords, every year“12345” and “password” is top of the popular passwords.

The researchers said, these two passwords are most dangerous to use.

Splashdata researchers said, in their list of 25 passwords if someone using 1 of these passwords they have to change urgently. It can be hacked account, it’s very risky.

Researcher’s says, password should be at least 8 characters long and complicated. Passwords should be Letters, numbers and symbols altogether different passwords for different websites. Popular 25 Passwords:

  1. 123456 2. password 3. 12345678 4. qwerty 5. 12345
  2. 123456789 7. football 8. 1234 9. 1234567 10. Baseball
  3. welcome 12. 1234567890 13. abc123 14. 111111 15. 1qaz2wsx
  4. dragon 17. master 18. monkey 19. letmein 20. login
  5. princess 22. qwertyuiop 23. solo 24. passw0rd 25. starwars

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